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Code documentation — the necessary evil

Code documentation is essential, even for you the coder. It helps you understand code you wrote years ago, and also makes it easier for large teams to work on the same code base.

  • 1. Types of code documentation ― Other types of code documentation are also essential, such as end-user documentation, deployment documentation, usage documentation, database documentation.

    All these different code documentation types add up to lots of time writing documentation instead of writing code.

  • 2. Tools for code documentation ― Existing tools have tried to solve the code documentation problem by generating code documentation from comments. These tools are useful, but have their limitations. Any minor code change means you must change the comments as well, then regenerate the documentation.

    And these tools don’t solve end-user documentation.

    That’s why we created

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Code documentation will never be the same again

Gone are the days of tedious, time-consuming, and counter-productive code documentation practices. Using, teams can now prepare accurate, top-quality documentation code documentation of any kind without adding time to their development lifecycle.

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